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Functional design

A design must be aesthetic, memorable and identifiable, and fulfil its purpose, usually to convey an idea, service or product through images or text.

Price and quality

Prices adjusted to the client's possibilities, always maintaining the highest quality standard in all our services, both in design and web development.

We help in the whole process or only in the requested steps

  • Initial ideas + naming
  • Logo design + stationery
  • Website design + development
  • SEO + online marketing
  • Improvement strategies, etc.


We are a group of professionals with more than 15 years in the sector.

With our clients from the initial idea

Global design and internet solutions

Corporate Image

We design the corporate image of your company or product, help with naming and advise on all steps to be taken to make your new business a success.

Web development

We design and develop complete solutions for your company to have a quality presence on the Internet, from the simplest web to international online stores.

Continuous improvement

With specialists in SEO, UX/UI, email marketing and web analytics, we improve our clients’ presence on the Internet every day, from the corporate website to the latest social networks.

Some of our clients

A sample of our latest work

Mallorca Medical Group

Corporate Design Web Design

Create a corporate image and website that showcases the company's high quality services.

Neptunus Properties

Corporate Design Logotype

Develop a corporate image that represents the type of high-end properties they offer their clients


Corporate Design Logotype

Developing a corporate image for a jewelry design studio

Centre Maxilofacial

Web Design

The website of this reference centre in Menorca had become outdated. We have sought a simple structure, with direct messages and a visually simple and approachable design.

Call Alert Balearics

Corporate Design Logotype

The business concept is to support older and vulnerable people in their own homes to maintain their independence and feel safe

María Dinero

Corporate Design Logotype

Small amount quick loan services


Corporate Design Logotype

Developing a corporate image for a health and physiotherapy centre

Carvid Marine

Corporate Design Ecommerce Web Design

Develop a corporate image and website with online store for nautical products company.


Corporate Design Logotype

The client requested a drawing of a fighting bull as a representation of the strength and quality of the meat it sells

Pasión Eventos

Corporate Design Logotype

A corporate image with class and feminine style is requested

Bob the Bed

Ecommerce Web Design

Bob the bed is a store and shop that wanted to improve its presence on the Internet and attract new potential customers, as well as make it easier for them to buy online.

From corporate design to web development

Comprehensive services

We offer corporate image design of the highest quality. We find the best solutions and always at the best price.

As specialists in web design, we can offer personalized, safe and quality solutions, whatever the client’s needs may be.

Corporate Design

Logos, stationery, advertising, catalogues, packaging, layout of magazines and other publications, etc.

Do you need to print?

Although we do not have our own print shop, we can take care of the entire post-design process, from printing to distribution.


From personal blogs (we specialize in WordPress) to advanced e-commerce sites (we specialize in Prestashop), booking managers, intranets, etc.

With the most advanced tools we can adapt all our work to any device with internet access (computers, mobiles, tablets).

Can we help you?

Let us be your technological ally and achieve your goals.

Online Stores

Do I need an online store?

If you have a product or service for sale, with or without a physical store, and you want to reach more potential customers, the answer is simple: Yes, an online store will help you reach thousands of new potential customers, for a minimum price compared to a physical store and easy to maintain and update.

Rental of products/services

Online booking system

Whether you offer vacation property rentals, car rentals, boat rentals or other items offered on an hourly or daily basis, having an online booking management system is critical to the growth of your business. We can help.

Marketing Services

Responsible investment

We set the best strategy, always personalized for each type of client, based on both their objectives and budget possibilities, and always using the most advanced techniques and tools available.

Web Analytics

What can we improve to make our website visits more profitable?


Quality content to exceed objectives.

Social Media

A window to the world to make ourselves known.


Constant communication with the client defines the success of the business.

(Translated from Spanish)

What our customers say about us.

“Very happy with the work done, the perceived desire to please and the attention received. And speaking of the intuition of capturing what is convenient for the client at first glance, another 10. We do not intend to advertise, they do not need it. We're just showing our appreciation.”
Adán M.

Owner, Préstamo-K

“Thank you for your prompt and decisive attention. From the first moment José María and his team were able to grasp the idea and we are very happy with the work done . You have far exceeded our expectations. We will certainly count on you for future projects.”
Marta Oñate

Team Lead, KCP Dynamics

“José María works in a very professional and serious way with excellent results. Without a doubt very recommendable.
Thank you for your work and attention at all times.”
Dr. Mikel Ramos

Surgeon, Facial Esthetic Group

“Very happy with the work done by José María. He made me the project of a website for online sales called Sockland, a sock shop. Both his ideas and suggestions, as well as the delivery times, and his dedication and patience have been ten. From the very first moment he captured the idea that I wanted to transmit with my web. Highly recommended.”
José LLiteras

Owner Sockland

“Very happy with the work done, undoubtedly a professional, thorough and deadlines met perfectly. Recommended for all those people who need a work of these characteristics.”
J. Rosselló

Smart Boats Mallorca

“We are very satisfied with the work of José María and his company. He is an attentive, dedicated and very professional person. He has always known how to guide me with politeness and delicacy in any doubts I might have. Very good advice in general.”
C. Gaisenband

CGA Aviation Services

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Do you have a project?

We are a team of creatives, web specialists and developers who are enthusiastic about unique ideas and enjoy working to provide solutions to our clients’ needs.

Corporate and Web Design

Frequently asked questions

A corporate design is the official graphic design of the logo and name of a company or institution used on letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, brochures, advertising and other visual elements.

The logo is the graphic representation or symbol of a company name, brand, abbreviation, service, uniquely designed for easy recognition. A Logo is a simple visual mark to identify your company’s product or service.

Corporate image is the perception of an organization (mainly investors, customers, suppliers), the public and society in general. It does not have to reflect the real position, but is a vision that society has about the company.

Stationery design usually consists of paper, office supplies, letterheads, writing equipment, business cards, cases and other similar items. The goal is to have a unified and recognizable brand throughout the company.

Web design is the process of creating websites. It encompasses different aspects, including website design, content production and graphic design. Although the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development.

E-commerce is the activity of electronic buying or selling of products in services over the Internet. It is based on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems and automated data collection systems.


Online marketing concepts

Web Analytics is the collection, measurement, evaluation and rational explanation of data obtained from the Internet, with the purpose of understanding and optimizing the use of the organization’s website.
~ Spanish Association of Web Analytics ~

Web Analytics Team
In recent years, the growth of the Internet has led to changes in purchasing behaviour, both for users and businesses, with many transactions usually taking place “off-line” in the virtual environment.

This circumstance affects the importance that Internet presence has for many companies and organizations, which together with the enormous amount of data that must be converted into useful information makes “Web Analytics” an essential tool for those seeking to succeed in the virtual environment.

Our team will analyze the website in depth to improve the profitability of visits and online marketing campaigns.

Just as in a physical business, a fundamental factor in the success of a company in the virtual environment is location.

Definition: SEO
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Organic Positioning, is the set of techniques used to increase the traffic of quality users to a website through the improvement of positioning in search engine results.

Definition: SEM
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to the effective management of sponsored links on search engines and associated websites, using their own management and control tools.

A group of Internet-based applications that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.
~ The challenges and opportunities of social media, Business Horizons ~

Understanding Social Media
It is the future, and increasingly, the present of communication. The large number of online platforms and tools increase and improve the transfer of information on the Internet, not only between users, but also in the business world.

The importance of the presence of our activities, products and services in this new mode of communication increases day by day, where the relationship with the client can make the difference between success and failure for many companies.

A form of direct marketing that uses email as a means of communication with our customers, whether current or potential.

Email Marketing Agency
Used correctly and always by professionals, Email Marketing is one of the best tools we have to achieve our promotional goals.

Email Marketing vs SPAM
While we can consider SPAM to unwanted communications by the recipient, the Email Marketing is included in the concept of “Permission Marketing”, a term coined by Seth Godin which is to obtain permission from the client or interested party to initiate a relationship. Our communications will be sent to people who have shown an interest in receiving them.

At we are aware of the importance of our client’s reputation and the increase of spam via email, and we have a policy of not sending unwanted communications.